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Bringing Confidential Computing to web3

Build private applications at scale, powered by ZK and MPC

Smart Contracts with Secret State

Use the zkBricks SDK to build fast and low-cost dApps that are private by default. User data is always encrypted end-to-end. Compute is executed off-chain using protocols for multi-party computation, producing zero-knowledge proofs on-chain. We handle all the cryptography, so you can build with ease.

End-to-end Encrypted DeFi

Enable DeFi applications that keep trade orders private. This not only hides account positions, but also prevents frontrunning attacks and order history analysis.

Private Payments and Tokenization

Enable tokenization with configurable privacy and low gas cost. Our SDK provides the primitives to implement privacy pools with compliance features (e.g. KYC, blacklists).

Trustless web3 Gaming

How does one shuffle cards to enable decentralized poker? The next era of web3 gaming needs smart contracts to work with secrets. Our SDK is the first to unlock this.

Join Us

We are a team of cryptographers on a mission to bring privacy and transparency to the internet. We publish our work in top cryptography venues, which inspire the development of protocols behind zkBricks.

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Got questions? Reach out to us! We're here to help you.